Why you should go skiing in December


There is something exciting about skiing at the start of the season, and something undeniably magical about spending Christmas in a ski resort. If you’re looking for a deal at the start of the season, or looking to escape the Christmas chaos in favour of a relaxing break in the mountains, then skiing in December will be perfect for you.


  1. Great deals at the start of the season

People are often sceptical about booking the first week of the season due to uncertain snow conditions, but because of this you can get a great deal. Everything from flights, accommodation and lift passes are generally cheaper, and you get to enjoy all the best of the brand new ski hire equipment in the fresh snow!


2. A truly white christmas

We all dream of a white christmas, and where better for guaranteed snow than a ski resort? Plus, going on a skiing holiday for Christmas is the perfect excuse to avoid the chaos of cooking for the whole family. Avoid the post-Christmas slump where the days run into one until New Years comes along, and take your family to the great outdoors for a ski holiday!


3. Experience the excitement of the start of the new season

From returning seasonnaires to fresh faces and excited holiday makers, the start of the season is very exciting. Coming skiing in December is the perfect excuse to enjoy the start of season buzz and get stuck in with all the opening parties.


4. Fresh snow

Don’t let fear of bad snow conditions stop you from booking your ski holiday in December. You have the advantage of enjoying all the fresh snowfall and, by Christmas time, if not before, there should be snow at village level as well, so you can truly enjoy a white Christmas. Less demand also means you can enjoy the fresh snow on quieter slopes.